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Metaphor Scarves

$ 55.00

Gorgeous mixed fiber scarves

A note from the artist, Lee-Ann York:


It's an honor to get visits to this site! As in all the blessings of my life, they are (because of) friends and family! This site and opportunity are no exception! And like my loved ones, no two scarves are alike and they are inspired by the moment in time in which they are being created. They are a metaphor for my friendships/relationships along my journey.


Every scarf has a daisy chain. This "knot" is used to preserve ropes between uses in a challenge course setting. My inner-circle of girlfriends came from this group of facilitators and grew from there! Through life's hardships, I've been able to maintain some semblance of sanity through my circle of people. Each chain, as each individual friend, has a beauty in his/her own right.  


But then weave the diverse fibers together, they are a wild beauty, nonsensical, sassy, and interesting! Together they are completely imperfect, yet still majestically and richly warm, functional, and a beauty to behold!


What is your metaphor?

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